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Really.  We may not like to admit it, but sexy marketing sells.

NOT sexy stuff…but sexy marketing.

Dig far enough, and you can probably find pocket protectors sold with images of fast red cars and bronzed, nearly naked women.

And what’s kinda scary is there’s a good chance the pocket protectors sold!


Just to be clear, sexy marketing doesn’t necessarily mean sexual marketing…I’m using the word sexy in its common usage: meaning flashy, appealing, cool, hot—you get the picture, right?  But of course the sexual stuff is in that category, too at times.

Let me tell you a little story

Until about six months ago I consulted full-time with an internet marketing company that develops digital products.  We tested all sorts of ways to sell products.

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NOTE: Although this post and video update was specifically created for the community I created before “disappearing”, the story is still relevant to all. Read on and enjoy…

Hey! I’m glad you’re here. This is my brand new blog—The Marketer’s Apprentice—which I’ve dedicated to my passion for helping solo-entrepreneurs connect the dots figuring out how to market their businesses online.

My work here at The Marketer’s Apprentice represents THOUSANDS of hours invested into growing businesses online. I’ve learned a lot. One of the most important things I’ve learned is revealed in the video below.

Watch the video to find out where I’ve been, and how I can help you

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The other day I wrote a post sharing a Facebook advertising blunder. Today, we’ll look at an ad campaign that rocks.

Here’s the ad:

Facebook Advertisement

Here’s what rocks:

  • The ad headline uses a question. It’s human nature to satisfy curiosity. Questions encourage clicks.
  • Price is included in the ad (twice actually). Including price in the ad will prevent price shock as well as eliminate clicks from people looking for something completely free.
  • Typically it’s better to use an image of a person—but I think in this case, the brightly colored “logo” works since it easily communicates what is being offered. If you’re interested in a logo, this ad will certainly get your attention.

Suggestions for Improvement

  • I would suggest testing different images.  See if CTR (click through rate) and sales can be increased if an image of a person is used.
  • The CTA (call to action) might be stronger with “Click to Purchase” or “Click to View Sample Logos”- something more relevant to the offer. “Join Now!” is a bit confusing to someone not familiar with Fiverr.

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Facebook advertising is getting a lot of attention these days.  And rightfully so.  With Facebook ads, you now have the ability to target your ads toward the “likes”, interests, and demographics of your target market with ease.

THAT’s freakin’ cool.  Think of the possibilities! Suppose you want to target women within the age range of 35-40 who like beekeeping.  You can!  More than that, if those same women “like” and interact with a Facebook page dedicated to organic bee keeping, you can further refine your ad targeting.

Women: 35-40 years old
Interested in: beekeeping
“Like”: the Organic BeeKeepers Society

You feeling the potential?

Yah, I know it.  It’s sexy stuff.  And plenty of people are jumping on the Facebook advertising bandwagon.

Unfortunately, many are missing a few marketing 101 basics.

Take this advertisement, for example-

Facebook Advertisement

I’m a gal, right?  Remember that…

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