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How “Myopic Marketing” May Be Sabotaging YOUR Success

EarthIn North America, it’s safe to say that MOST people are myopic—whether they wear corrective lenses or not.

Myopia = The ability to only see things that are close in proximity to yourself; short sighted.

In business, myopia is a killer.

When we view our business with myopic vision, we forget to keep our focus toward our long-term goals and end up losing sight of them… which usually leads to quitting.  Many times, this happens when we’re on the verge of tasting success.

Myopic marketing will NOT convert.

Myopic marketing is endemic in the online world.  Most “marketers” view their business offerings through their own perceptions—and fail to do the work required to really understand how their offer matches the needs of their target marketThe result?  Marketing messages that communicate the business owner’s misperception of what people want, rather than the REAL needs of their customers.

Here’s an example of myopic marketing.

Sally The BakerSally is a baker.  She plans to start a business online sharing her passion for homemade bread.

She decides she wants to teach people to bake bread and learns about creating online membership sites (powered by of course) and decides she’s going to go full out and make it happen.

She hires a designer to make a good looking website and begins creating video content teaching people how to make 100% organic bread.  Sally works hard, and within 60 days, she has a fully functional membership site, complete with a sales funnel selling the membership.

She launches some advertising campaigns with the sales message, “I’ll teach you to make bread” and drives traffic through her sales funnel.

No sales.

Hmmm… she’d better switch things up, right?

Sally assumes people aren’t interested in organics as much as she is, so she removes all references to “organic” in her sales messages and re-launches the advertising campaigns.

Still no sales.

She scratches her head wondering what is going on.  Surely people MUST want to learn to bake bread?  She’s targeting all the right keywords with her advertising campaigns… WHAT is up?

Well, a quick look at her marketing assets by a professional reveals a case of dreaded myopic marketing.  Everything Sally presents to her customers is all about her!  Not them.  Her!

Her headline, “I Can Teach You To Bake The Same Bread My Family Loves… In Less Than 3 MInutes Per Day.”

Her sales points:

  • learn from a pro.
  • why I love homemade bread
  • access my favorite recipes
  • why learning from me is better than the competition

Notice how all of the communication that Sally directs to her target market, although enthusiastic, is self-centered.  Sure, she loves to bake bread—but no one really cares about that until there’s a reason they should care.

Sally’s efforts are not wasted… and in reality, can easily be salvaged.  If I were to consult with Sally, here’s what I would suggest:

  • go through my free “7 Steps To Better Marketing”course (access your “7 Steps” by signing up in the form to the right of this article) and learn how to: (1) discover her target market’s problems & needs, (2) develop a strong USP to determine how Sally will stand apart from the competition and really offer something unique to her target audience
  • define the PROBLEM her target market is experiencing that her membership site can solve
  • re-write her sales copy to speak directly to ONE person in her target market, convincing him/her that what she’s offering will solve the problem defined above.
  • re-position herself as an expert that is focused toward solving her target market’s problems.  The spotlight needs to be turned away from Sally, and put directly on her target market’s problem.  Sally’s product is the solution.  Her audience, and their problem, is the focus.

A Simplified Definition of Marketing

This isn’t a textbook definition, but it’ll help you get my point.

Marketing is the act of:
#1- Determining the biggest problem of your target audience.
#2- Answering that problem.
#3- Getting a qualified audience to hear how your product or service answers their problem.

Remember that!  Effective marketing shows how you SOLVE AN IMPORTANT PROBLEM for your target audience.

Take A Few Steps Back and See The BIG PICTURE

It’s important, as a marketer, to practice The Art of Detachment.  In sales, your profits will go through the roof once you have become successful in detaching yourself from closing the sale.  In marketing, it’s equally important to see your marketing messages from a great distance.

With detachment, you’ll develop a critical eye that will allow you to view your messages through the eyes of your target customer.  Remember our definition above?

Let me repeat this point, to drill home it’s importance—

As a marketer, one of the most important skills to DEVELOP is the ability to detach yourself from your marketing messages and VIEW your work through the eyes of your customers.  Your customers are the ones who decide to buy, right?  Not you.  You have to have your ducks in a row, but it’s always the customer who makes the decision to purchase.

When you’re able to look at your work through the eyes of your target market, you’ll gain a greater sense of how your message will be interpreted.  And with this greater awareness, you’ll be able to refine your message to speak directly to the pain points your potential customers are experiencing.

And guess what?

You make more sales like this.

And you are developing the mind of a marketer.

When that happens, all this marketing stuff starts to get exciting!  Because all of a sudden, your niche begins to open up to you.  You see the possibilities are as large as the online world.

You will SEE endless opportunities to:

  • dive into your market
  • speak directly to the pain-points your offer can solve
  • develop marketing funnels to capture leads and close sales—even on autopilot if you wish

And then the process becomes one of refinement.  As your market changes, so will you.  And as you gain more insight into your customers, you will continue to develop and improve your offerings.

As a final thought, The Art of Detachment doesn’t come easily for most of us.  From our earliest memories, we’re used to being marketed TO.  Our experience is that of customer, where the conversation is about ourselves.  So it’s only natural that we assume marketing is still about ourselves.  But it ain’t!  No, no, no.

Take a few steps back.  Get into the mind of your customer!  You’ll be making more sales AND increasing your skills as a marketer.

All Sounds Simple, Right?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Your comments make my day :)

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Elaine Twiss February 8, 2012 at 9:20 am

Thanks for the post Jenn. I am beginning to understand now where I need to focus in my marketing message. Thanks.


Jenn February 8, 2012 at 9:24 am

Yah! Glad you’re gaining clarity Elaine.


Jim Stodghill February 8, 2012 at 9:38 am

Myopic Marketing = unfocused effort. This post strikes close to the bone. I am changing my marketing prescription! Thanks Jenn.


Jenn February 8, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Hey Jim:

Strikes close to home = needs improvement and attention.
It’s cool you see this and are taking action!


Clifton Quinn February 8, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Great work Jenn! This is all very well written, clear and to the point. I am going to have some of my marketing students take a look at this system as well. Excellent! What you write about Sales and Detachment has proven to be true again and again. I find that when I only sell what really fits someone, then it is a win-win. And if they don’t buy, that is their choice. Thanks!


Jenn February 8, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Hey Clifton,

So glad to hear you’re gaining value here! Thanks for your comment.


Ken February 9, 2012 at 4:16 am

Hello Jenn,
The way you convey your point is just brilliant. Sort of like when the Sun comes up over the hill and burns away the that pesky morning fog – complete clarity!
Staying tuned!


Jenn February 9, 2012 at 5:33 am

Hey Ken,

Glad you’re enjoying my work! It’s great to have your positive energy here :)


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