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Learning internet marketing can (at times) be a wee bit…ummmm… @!&FRUSTRATING@!#. I’ve personally spent thousands of hours figuring out the best tool to use, and the simplest way to implement those tools. And it hasn’t always been fun…

This page is my gift to you. It’s sole purpose it to help you save money and more importantly—save TIME.

I don’t talk geek. So you’ll be certain to follow along as I show you the technical ropes. (And I’ll surely sneak in tidbits of my favorite conversation— “What makes good marketing great.”)

The contents of this page will continually be updated and expanding.  It’s important that you subscribe to The Marketer’s Apprentice YouTube Channel so you don’t miss out on new videos as they come out.

This page is meant for YOU!

If you don’t see a video on a topic you’re struggling with, simply leave a comment below, requesting it… or send us tweet about it.  Seriously.  There are no dumb requests.

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Building a Website With

Blog ( Design

Facebook Marketing

Keyword Research

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Alfredo Ramirez February 24, 2012 at 9:57 am

You’re 200% right in your last video. Ijust want to share the same basic idea: it’s better to get confused in the middle of the action than getting frozen while planning how to get into action.

As a Mechanical Engineer i’m a complete failure in the marketing and graphic-design areas, and with such shortcoming against me some one may think I’ve no chance in running a small business online. But what you say is absolutely true, learn a little then put it into action, I’ve found that model the best way to learn.


Jenn February 24, 2012 at 11:44 am

Hey Alfredo,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Putting new learning into action as quickly as possible is KEY.

Let me know if I can help you on your way!



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