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About Us—

Your marketing determines if your
business sinks or swims.

It’s that simple.

The Marketer’s Apprentice is here to teach you how to do a lot more than just tread water. More than just swim to keep-up… Think butterfly stroke!

Over the last several years I’ve taught countless entrepreneurs how to market online. Where I see most people get bogged down is:

  1. Technical Stuff. Yep, the kind that makes you want to pull your hair out…
  2. Marketing principals: the secret ingredients you’ll find in all dynamite marketing —whether it’s online, offline, recent or old.

With that in mind, I created The Marketer’s Apprentice. Because I hate to see entrepreneurs waste time while trying to grow their business —
Time’s valuable stuff!

Our two main ingredients in The Marketer’s Apprentice:

  • Concise, high-value “how-to” marketing videos at no cost to you.
  • Discussions on Marketing Excellence—and how to achieve your best marketing.

Here’s why you should pay attention to us:

Each week I post a number of “how-to” videos. They’ll range from beginner all the way to advanced marketing techniques. Things like: “Installing A WordPress Blog” and “Choosing The Right Plug-Ins”…all the way to “Segmenting Your Email List for Maximum Email Marketing Results”.

I focus on what darn near any business online can implement right away.

And I also talk about the key ingredients of successful marketing. You’ll see this discussion in both blog posts and emails (for subscribers only…but it’s free to sign-up.)

I’ll show you how understanding a direct mail piece from 1953 can change your bottom line. Good marketing is timeless. And when you understand Marketing Excellence you’ll have gained The Marketer’s Mind—a mind that will enable you to create messages that connect, inspire, and create desire in the hearts of your customers.

So keep in touch! We have no end of marketing goodness for you. Enter your email in the box at the bottom of this page and we’ll add you to our VIP mailing list. You’ll receive emails most days between Monday and Friday. I promise fun, easy-to-digest content that WILL make you a better marketer…faster.

About Jenn

Jenn LawlorWhen you’re an entrepreneur, is there a separation between your personal and professional life?  (It’s not always an easy distinction.)


I jumped into online marketing right after my second son was born, a little over five years ago. I started selling organic skin care products locally, and pretty soon I realized that my small Alaskan community has a finite amount of organic skin. So I turned to the online world.

I could barely send an email when I started. And living outside of town meant dial-up internet back then. Even worse, I blew a lot of money—and a fair bit of it was on a credit card. That was back when a business card was 8% interest…but it still hurt a lot.

I tried offline marketing, too. A single full-page ad in an LA yoga magazine cost me exactly $1,000 dollars and I grossed exactly $0.00 dollars. I didn’t even help with the ad! The magazine design staff made it for me. Talk about gullible!

After ten months of crash-course marketing lessons, I turned a profit of $8K my eleventh month. And by year’s end, I had almost paid off my learning debts. I’m a little embarrassed to divulge just how deep I’d gone.  It wasn’t pretty.

Let’s speed things up a little…

Year 2: Fairly profitable. Worked my tail off even more. Tasted first work-on-your-own-schedule Freedom: two month roadtrip from Florida to Alaska. Worked the whole way via cell card and wifi at KOAs.

Year 3: Went crazy, overworking. Grossed almost a million. Blew $5K (and lost a month of sales) when I was so busy that I outsourced my marketing to a silly NYC marketing firm that had their head up their…

Years 4 and most of 5: Worked as second in charge (Chief Operation Officer) of a big marketing training outfit. In charge of a huge team. More craziness, not enough money for the headache, oversaw and managed launches upwards of a million in 72 hours.

End of Year 5: Reevaluated life and my business as a marketer. Concluded balance and fun are very important. Launched The Marketer’s Apprentice as a platform to do what I love most, professionally: look at and talk about excellent marketing while helping other marketers save time and refine their skills.


Besides being a marketer, I’m a:

  • Mom to three fine boys: 9, 5, and 1 ½.
  • Wife to a bushy-bearded Alaskan.
  • Biologist and mycologist.
  • Former kundalini yoga instructor.
  • Alaskan, but originally from Canada.
  • A pretty darn good cook who bakes bread almost daily.
  • Chocolate worshipper.


There is nothing I love more than being with my family aboard our 39’ sailboat, exploring the more remote areas of coastal Alaska. It’s VERY cool to drop the anchor, have a beer before dinner, and watch a mama brown bear and her cubs. That’s where it’s at, in my book.

I love to laugh. It could be my crazy hubby impersonating a terrible video sales letter, my kids’ antics, or a mildly bad joke. A quick networking tip: if you’re truly funny (not just cheesy) you’re bound to become a good friend.

Almost at the end of the page.

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